This project is a digital mixed-media approach, using photography and drawings.

I like the idea that everything is surreal, that everything is possible. When I lie in the bath, I don’t want to be bound by the laws of nature. I want to instantly be transported to another time and location, bathing in the water under the light of the moon. Where would I go if I were not a prisoner of time and space?

In the outfit, I am not myself. I have no identity. Thus, the work aims to achieve the impersonal. I put on another skin. 

The work focuses on the body, yet it is about escaping the boundaries placed upon us by the body. The imagery is not bound by any rules. There is no limitation.

The drawing I choose as the skin were all created by an outpouring of unconscious feeling. They are the skin. There is no face to read emotionally. The body itself will show the feeling. Anybody can be this person. It is an invitation to feel the emotions beyond the need for an identity.

The imagery, the body, is not romanticised. It is real. It is not a glorification of form. It is an homage to the transcendently normal.

There is an aspect of camouflage in the work. It explores the ability to become one with the space one occupies. Perhaps this is a longing born from the life of a person away from home, not in their comfortable surroundings. In a sense, it’s about the ability to not stand out. To not be ‘the other’. When one is not at home, camouflage becomes attractive.