Replication 4-3.jpg

Replication 2019-20

The exploration of the self leads to the questioning of perception. Questions surrounding perceptions of one’s identity, are seemingly of a higher order to those of form in the world around us. But this is a fundamental premise which is questioned in the work.  


Versatility 2019-20

We all live within a tiny box called ‘Mind’. The Mind is split with a line creating two seemingly contrasting sides in binary opposition. It’s the yin/yang or the Persona/Shadow. Both sides seem opposing but, in truth, feed each other. Both are always equal.  

Salvation 05.jpg

Salvation 2019

This project is a mixed media approach, using photography and drawings. I like the idea that everything is surreal, that everything is possible. 

Lapis Lazuli Series 01.jpg

Lapis Lazuli 2019-2020



Spoon 2020

In this Video, I have some fun playing with a psychological phenomenon known as ‘Semantic Satiation’. This phenomenon refers to how repittion of a word or phrase causes it to temporarily lose meaning for the listener. 


Abstract Paintings


Fool me Twice

Fool Me Twice 2014

We see people through ourselves.   


Presence 2010


Outside the Box

Outside the Box 2010


Silence in Shadow 3.jpg

Silence in Shadow Series III


Silence in Shadow

Silence in Shadow Series II


Shadow in Silence 01.jpg

Silence in Shadow Series I


Burnt City 15.jpg

Burnt City