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2020 ARTFEM Women Artists International
  • Replication


    The exploration of the self leads to the questioning of perception. Questions surrounding perceptions of one’s identity, are seemingly of a higher order to those of form in the world around us. But this is a fundamental premise which is questioned in the work.

  • Versatility


    We all live within a tiny box called ‘Mind’. The Mind is split with a line creating two seemingly contrasting sides in binary opposition. It’s the yin/yang or the Persona/Shadow. Both sides seem opposing but, in truth, feed each other. Both are always equal.

  • Salvation

    Salvation 05.jpg

    This project is a mixed media approach, using photography and drawings. I like the idea that everything is surreal, that everything is possible. 

  • Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli Series 01.jpg

    With these abstract paintings I try to convey sense of peace and tranquility. I apply Lapis Lazuli powder and acrylic to different  surfaces such as PDF, Canvas and paper.

  • Abstract 


    I paint mostly with acrylics on canvas. It is all about true and authentic emotions I have experienced at the time. 

  • Spoon 


    In this Video, I have some fun playing with a psychological phenomenon known as ‘Semantic Satiation’. This phenomenon refers to how repittion of a word or phrase causes it to temporarily lose meaning for the listener.

  • Fool me Twice

    Fool me Twice

    We see people through ourselves. It is all about projection. 

  • Presence 



  • Outside the Box

    Outside the Box

    These photos represent a woman escaping from the trappings of society’s  conventions and it is breaking free its repressive constructs. She exists in a society determining every aspect of how she should act. Life has in effect, become a series of compulsions. 

  • Silence in Shadow Series III

    Silence in Shadow 3.jpg

    Black and white photography project.

  • Silence in Shadow Series II

    Black and white photography project.

  • Silence in Shadow Series I

    Black and white photography project.

  • Burnt City

    Burnt City 15.jpg

    Black and white photography project.

Women Artists International Biennial of Macau 2020

"I can only applaud the initiative to organize a Women Artists International Biennal in Macau that start this month. It is a manifest for the force of art by women who in many respects and in many places around the globe are still unrepresented. The show is going to be magnificent, with dozens of women from all corners of the earth, and working in a plethora of art forms and media. This is going to be an heralding event, highlighting the imagination of women artists and their role in art and society at large." (Prof. Dr. Kitty Zijlmans)

Nasrin Golden


Nasrin Golden is an Iranian female Visual Artist. She has lived and worked in Ireland since 2012. She holds an M.A. in Visual Arts, and a B.A. in Photography.

Her visual work attempts to convey the healing and reconciliation of conflict inherent to the human condition. As a migrant, her work transcends cultural barriers and aims to convey the commonalities underlying shared lived experiences. Through different mediums (photography, painting, video art) Golden’s work frequently contrasts opposites through variations of light and color. Her work frequently explores women issues especially repressed femininity, notions of self and its manifestations.

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