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We all live within a tiny box called ‘Mind’. The Mind is split with a line creating two seemingly contrasting sides in binary opposition. It’s the yin/yang or the Persona/Shadow.

Versatility I

Both sides seem opposing but, in truth, feed each other. Both are always equal.

The Persona is really a reaction to the Shadow; an attempt to value as ‘good’ what the Shadow has determined ‘bad’.

All evaluations in this duality (objective/subjective, strong/weak, achieving/complacent, sacred/profane, feminine/masculine, seeking/dwelling, interconnected/isolated, rational/irrational, mature/immature) are all the same.

We remain slaves within this box until we dis-identify with it and find a way out.

Versatility presents the conflict experienced within this inner ‘Box’ as we come to terms with the inevitable realisation that freedom comes through surrender.

My aim is to question both sides of this duality and invite observers to consider the freedom found outside the split Mind.

Nasrin Golden - Visual Artist

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