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Rain Shelter

The watcher

Eckhart Tolle talks about the beginning of freedom as the realization that you are not ‘the thinker’. This collection is a representation of this teaching. It is an invitation to abide in an alternative.

What’s depicted here is the unseen and often forgotten aspect of ourselves – ‘The Watcher’. When we get drawn into the ‘reality’ of the world, the Watcher disappears. However, even if it may be forgotten, it never truly disappears.

While the Watcher shows no preference for ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ emotional states, it does convey a consistent peace.

The invitation with these pieces is to reconnect with the Silent Watcher. The fact that it is depicted here in symbolic form is, of course, something of a contradiction. It can never truly be observed as a subject/object as it is too intimate a part of us to perceive at all.

However, these pieces serve as an invitation to explore with whom you are observing the pieces themselves. Can you simply be with the pieces, in silent observation? Or do you notice an internal narrative running? This is not some kind of spiritual litmus test. Simple awareness is all that is sought.

What I wanted to achieve with this work was to create another means of remembering (the Silent Watcher). I wanted a direct, non-verbal method of acknowledging the inner presence of peace. Rather than through intellectual analysis or the reading of esoteric spiritual texts, I wanted a more implicit, subconscious approach to remembering.

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