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Nasrin Golden

Visual  Artist


Nasrin Golden is an Iranian/Irish Visual Artist who attempts to convey the healing and reconciliation of conflict inherent to the human condition. As a migrant living in Ireland since 2012, her work transcends cultural barriers as she aims to convey the commonalities underlying shared lived experiences. 

Through different mediums (photography, painting, video art) Nasrin’s work frequently contrasts opposites through variations of light and color. She frequently explores women’s issues, especially repressed femininity, notions of self and its manifestations.

Nasrin was awarded Summer School residency with ‘Create’ in Ireland, June 2019. She is invited to participate in the Women Artists 2nd International Biennial of Macau 2020. Her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions around the world including: Tehran, Kuala Lumpur, Dublin, Vancouver and Macua.

She holds an M.A. in Visual Arts, and a B.A. in Photography.

Art Statement:

My earlier work depicts the exploration of identity and sense of belonging. However, themes of sexuality and repressed femininity have always been present in my work. When I relocated from my country of origin, I began exploring these themes more overtly. As I experienced more of life in other cultures, I explored the universal feminine experience (shamed, repressed, overlooked) in more depth.

Coming to terms with cultural differences as a Migrant, and the accompanying cross-cultural comparisons, can be seen in my latest work. I utilize various forms of camouflage, reconciling the need to stay safe (unseen) with the need to express authenticity. I point to our camouflage to remind us that personality remains untouched despite its veiling.

While earlier work focused somewhat more exclusively on the duality of the feminine and masculine, later projects examine the duality of the human condition itself. I have worked with the concept of revealing the split nature or inherent conflicts and contradictions within all of us.

Themes of identity are the central focus of my current work. More specifically, I am examining the concept of the ‘false image’ or ‘Persona’ and how transcending these can lead to a greater sense of authenticity. I use various mediums in this exploration as a deliberate creative choice. My thesis is that all perception is coloured through the lens of a false sense of self. Different mediums convey the ubiquitous nature of this perception in human life.

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