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Lapis Lazuli I

Lapis Lazuli Series

Representation of peace.

The color blue was my favourite as a child. I loved to look at the magnificent shades found in Persian architectural domes and geometric shapes. I was fascinated by it. Specifically, the Lapis Lazuli shade was my favourite, in Persian: 'Lajervard'. 


After living in Ireland for several years I started to feel nostalgic for it. The sky in Ireland is, more often than not, grey. However, there are days when the blue sky does appear and this always calmed me down. So after travelling back to my country I purchased the Lapis Lazuli powder. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, but I was certain that I wanted to convey peace.

Before I started to paint, I set an intention that peace would be the main characteristic of my work. I let go of everything and in a state of flow I asked for guidance from source energy. Later on, I read about the blue powder I had used. Some people believe the powder can have a healing effect. It brings harmony, peace and deep inner self-knowledge. It also helps with expressing emotion and feelings. Maybe, maybe not. What I can say is that working with this color brought me to a place of deeper peace.  

In terms of process, mostly I apply white acrylic and Lapis Lazuli powder on canvas, MDF or paper. The technique is very experimental. I love to have forms, texture, and contrast. Sometimes I paint in a single instant, other times I repaint over and over on the same surface.

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