Image by Matt Botsford

CFCP On Air : New Voices of Ireland Session 4 with Nasrin Golden and Iordanis Sidiropoulos

Nasrin Golden and Iordanis Sidiropoulos Collaboration, activism in art and the role of the audience In Conversation Examining the concept of the false image or persona, how perception can be coloured through the lens of a false sense of self, and how to transcend this in favour of more authentic lived experiences.  


New Voices offers fresh perspective on art in Ireland

Series aims to promote and connect work of migrant and culturally diverse artists  


Work of Westmeath artist celebrates diversity

Westmeath artist Nasrin Golden is one of 17 taking part in a new online project that celebrates diversity in the arts.  


New Voices of Ireland 4: Nasrin Golden & Iordanis Sidiropoulos

This work titled “Tree of Life” is inspired by Iordanis piano piece titled “As the Leaves Fall”. This song is very meaningful, deeply emotional, and uses nature as a metaphor.  


Contemporary Feminist Voices, Leonor Veiga

Iranian Diaspora