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Cv/Track Record

In 2021, I had the honor of participating in TransCultural Mediation meetings with Mother Tongues, where I used my artistic skills to engage with diverse communities and increase mutual understanding between host communities and immigrants. This experience led to further collaborations with Mother Tongues, Rua Red, and The Hugh Lane Gallery on art-making projects with specific themes in 2021-22. These opportunities allowed me to expand my network and get involved in exciting projects that challenged me and enriched my artistic practice.

Recently, I was approached by Creative Places Athy to propose an engagement with existing community groups in Athy to create their manifesto, which was a rewarding and challenging learning process for me. Additionally, in 2022, I had a solo show at D-light Studio in Dublin, which was funded by CFCP and the Arts Council.

I am eager to continue exploring new artistic opportunities and would be thrilled to have the chance to showcase my work in Offaly.


Creative Places Athy 

Rememebr me 

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Evocation of memories through art: nostalgia, celebrations, remembrances and importantly emotional connection to people, places and things can help ground and soothe a mind troubled by Dementia.

Creative Places Athy

Art, Identity and Manifesto 
Sing and Sign - Children

The Kids' Fun and Adventure Manifesto:

  1. We believe that childhood should be a time of joy and adventure, filled with new experiences and memories.

  2. We want to see more outdoor activities like box fort building and trips to the skate park, where kids can let loose and have some fun!

  3. We think that gymnastics and balance should be a part of everyone's routine and what better place to practice than a skate park?!

  4. We believe that creativity should be encouraged and celebrated, so we want to see more opportunities for kids to express themselves through painting, face painting, and graffiti art.

  5. We think that gaming competitions and painting contests (with a wildlife theme, of course) are the perfect way to bring out the competitive spirit in kids.

  6. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that every kid gets to have a blast, so we'll stop at nothing to make sure that everyone gets to participate in all the fun and adventure they can handle!


Creative Places Athy

Art, Identity and Manifesto
Sing and Sign - Adults


  1. We aim to create a Deaf-Friendly Town, where everyone is welcome and can communicate with ease using sign language and song.

  2. We are dedicated to re-doing signs in the GAA field, to make sure that the deaf community can access and enjoy sports events.

  3. We believe that inclusion is key, and so we are committed to engaging with Irish Sign Language (ISL) and Braille, to ensure that everyone can participate fully in community life.

  4. To facilitate communication, we will create a QR code app, allowing the deaf community to access information easily.

  5. Our group is focused on increasing interaction, and so we are organizing more fun and adventure activities, as well as relaxing day trips with the deaf community.

  6. We believe that learning sign language and song should be enjoyable, so we are striving to create more opportunities for interaction with sign language.

  7. The "Tree of Life" symbolizes our commitment to promoting growth, diversity, and inclusiveness within our community. We will always strive to be a supportive and inclusive environment for all.


Creative Places Athy

Irish Wheelchair Association Manifesto:

  1. Our main goal is to create a sense of connection and belonging for people who use wheelchairs in Ireland.

  2. We believe that visibility and accessibility are essential for everyone to participate fully in society. That's why we are working to make public spaces more open and accessible to everyone, including people who use wheelchairs.

  3. We believe that openness is key to breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive society. We will always strive to be open, honest and transparent in our work.

  4. We are committed to creating spacious environments that allow everyone to move freely, regardless of their mobility needs.

  5. We want to encourage everyone to be adventurous and take part in exciting activities, regardless of their mobility needs. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience new things and have fun.

  6. We are dedicated to promoting the rights and needs of people who use wheelchairs in Ireland, and will always fight for the access and opportunities they deserve.


Hugh Lane Gallery

Working with diverse children and Families in the Hugh Lane Gallery. We explored the themes of the current artworks, creativity, emotion, vulnerability etc.

Image: Elena Cristofanon - Workshop at The Hugh Lane Gallery

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