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Spontaneous, imaginative and expressive online art workshops

intercultural roots

Starts on: Saturday, September 18⁠

Utilising the Mind, Body and Emotions to release what keeps us stuck. This is facilitated through art making, and connecting to authenticity.⁠

In this series of art workshops you will explore authenticity. You will be guided to make art in a safe, non-judgmental environment. You will learn to let go of limitations or creative blocks and allow yourself to create freely. The result is to experience joy. You will be able to have fun while you  learn to be expressive, spontaneous and imaginative. At the end of these sessions you will be less concerned about the images you are creating (result) but will be totally immersed in the process itself.⁠

These workshops are designed for all levels. You don’t need to be an artist. Even if you have never drawn a line before, you can join me. In these workshops I will give you simple tools to liberate your creative potential and make art freely. We will draw, paint and journal together. While we are using these techniques we will work with our emotions. But remember you don’t need any prior skill. ⁠

Takeaway Benefits:⁠

* You will obtain creative tools to help liberate your creative potential⁠

* A deeper appreciation of the spectrum of emotions in the creative process⁠

* Release tension and stress⁠

* Nurture self love⁠

* Resolve inner conflict⁠

* Learn methods to silence the inner-critic⁠

* Harness the power of your imagination to be creative⁠

* Simple relaxation techniques that induce creativity⁠

* How to quiet the rational mind during the creative process ⁠

* How to question attachments to outcome⁠

Free Workshop Series with Visual Artist Nasrin Golden | Mother Tongues

Art Workshop series

4 Aug - 11 am - 12 pm (Free)

Join us for our 6-week workshop series with visual artist Nasrin Golden in collaboration with Rua Red and Mother Tongues, beginning on August 4th at 11am.

Mother Tongues and Rua Red are offering a series of free art workshops where groups and individuals can meet up to view the exhibitions and discuss the themes within the work.

The workshops will explore how art can give us a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in and will explore the themes within Amanda Coogan’s current exhibition, 'They Come Then, The Birds' at Rua Red.

We would love to have as many people as possible from different parts of the world to hear their views about the exhibition, and to give people a chance to get some space for creative expression.

Nasrin Golden is an Iranian/Irish Visual Artist who attempts to convey the healing and reconciliation of conflict inherent to the human condition. As a migrant living in Ireland since 2012, her work transcends cultural barriers as she aims to convey the commonalities underlying shared lived experiences.

To avail of a free place on this workshop, please get in touch at:

Angelica.Network - Artist Take over


Delighted to be part of Artist Take over this July on Angelica.Netwrok.

I will take over for a week and you can follow my work for the entire month of July. Jane and I will have a live conversation on IGTV, hope to see you there.

Join me on July 8th at 7pm.


“Axis Mundi” A Video Poem-Earth Day 2021

Screenshot 2021-05-29 at 17.14.46.png

In celebration of Earth Day 2021 and the diversity of our planet, the Centre for Creative practices is inviting you to the launch of an eco-video poem, “Axis Mundi”, written and filmed by Csilla Toldy.

The video poem is based on Csilla’s poem, “My head is the Earth”, and it will be recited in 20 languages, some rare, such as Maori or Hiligaynon or Algonquin.

I am thrilled to contribute in this project with a translation and audio of Persian Language. 

New Voices of Ireland Series 8 Against the Odds - 2021


This work titled “Tree of Life” is inspired by Iordanis piano piece titled “As the Leaves Fall”. This song is very meaningful, deeply emotional, and uses nature as a metaphor.

When I first listened to ‘As the leaves fall’ I was deeply moved. My first instinct was to illustrate the falling leaves as I felt it reflected the poignancy of the music. I continued to allow the music to direct my imagination which later would lead to this short animation. My intention was to create feelings of hope and happiness.

Iodanis composed a brand new piece of music based on one of Nasrin´s paintings called Shahmaran which is the name of an ancient Persian Goddess.


Carlow Arts Festival Award​


Honoured to be a recipient of a Carlow Arts Festival #WedgeFunds for my Art project (Replication) 2020.

Carlow Arts Festival, in partnership with Carlow Arts Office , announce recipients of inaugural #WedgeFunds towards artistic Development and the presentation of work.

Professional Development award 2020


Honoured to be a recipient of a Professional Development Award under Visual Arts from the Arts Council.

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