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In this page you find info about product, size, shipment and packaging.

Automatic Drawing

Automatic drawing (distinguished from drawn expression of mediums) was developed by the surrealists, as a means of expressing the subconscious.

In automatic drawing, the hand is allowed to move "randomly" across the paper. In applying chance and accident to mark-making, drawing is to a large extent freed of rational control. Hence the drawing produced may be attributed in part to the subconscious and may reveal something of the psyche, which would otherwise be repressed.


Examples of automatic drawing were produced by mediums and practitioners of the psychic arts. It was thought by some Spiritualists to be a spirit control that was producing the drawing while physically taking control of the medium's body.

Size Guidline

The size of artworks are varied:

15x20 cm

20x 30 cm

21x 29.7 cm A4

30x40 cm

29.7x 42 cm A3

60x 80 cm


Size guideline 


Screenshot 2021-11-21 at 20.36.49.png

We use different packaging depending on the size of the poster as well as the country where the item is produced and shipped to. 

Our standard packaging for poster is:

  • Flat for posters up to A4

  • Tube for posters above A4

some exceptions are: ​

  • Tube with shipping roll in the following countries: DK, DE, NO, CH, FR, UK, AU, SG, NL, BE, AT


​The frames come pre-packed with corners and film and then packed in a box with strong edges to protect the frames. I-beams are used in addition, to give the package additional sturdiness and for multi-item orders (max 3 frames in one package). 
The posters are packaged separately in an inner paperboard folder (max 10 posters in one inner folder). 
Plexiglass used in frames may also carry a protective film but this is often applied to both the front and the back of the glass. This often has a blue hue to it. These protective films can be mistaken for scratches, bubbles, or a colored cast to a print/glass.


Postal Boxes_edited_edited.jpg

Our standard shipment usually take between 3-6 working days. 

in some cases it could take to 11 working days after the product is ready to deliver. 

Depend on the product the price is varied.


  • Flat rate: 5.95


  • Flat rate: 9.95 under 30x40 cm

  • Flat rate: 20.50 above 30x40 cm

Currently, we do ship posters and frames together but unmounted. Below are some instructions to mount a poster into the frame.

Thanks for submitting!

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