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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Greek singer-song writer and composer Iordanis Sidiropoulos.

IorDanis composed a brand new piece of music based on one of my paintings called Shahmaran which is the name of an ancient Persian Goddess.

Iordanis Sidiropoulos - Shahmaran


Shahmaran, or the ‘snake goddess’ is considered to be the keeper of wisdom. The term consists of Shah (Iranian Ruler) and Maran (snakes). Shahmaran can be found within the book of ‘One Thousand and One Nights’. Some believe her image can protect against bad events. The snake is a symbol of water and in Persian mythology it is believed that the snake is a master of storm clouds. They dwell within the seas and in times of lightening, they guide the rain to earth and cause fertility. In this piece, I use Shahmaran to relay a symbol of source energy, rain and fertility. The fish (sustained by the ocean) is subject to Shahmaran yet is depicted as honouring the bringer of fertility. Nasrin

Iordanis Sidiropoulos

Iordanis is a very talented artist. He has collaborated with a variety of greek artists and He has released four solo albums.

As The Leaves Fall

iordAnis - Ιορδάνης Σιδηρόπουλος


The first piano album, dedicated to the beauty and importance of nature.

As the leaves fall was released on the 23rd of July. There is a deeper reason for that specific release date as it was the same date in 2018 when catastrophic wildfires in central Greece led to the loss of 100 people’s lives.

Τα παιδικά μου ρούχα / My Childish Clothes

Iordanis Sidiropoulos


Ψάχνω στο φως / Searching into the light

iordAnis Sidiropoulos


This is the second solo album of iordAnis including the Greek Rock legend Vasilis Papakonstantinou & the famous modern singer Rita Antonopoulou. All songs & lyrics are written by iordAnis except the 5th song´s poetry that is written by Demosthenes Zavitsanos from Lefkada island.

Winter / Χειμώνας

Iordanis Sidiropoulos / Ιορδάνης Σιδηρόπουλος


This is the first solo album of iordAnis with lively and intense music vibes and lyrics straight to the point of his artistic and social concerns. This album includes songs that won the positive review of one of the biggest names in Greek music composition, Thanos Mikroutsikos. "Winter" also, was the linker between iordAnis and Rita Antonopoulou who sung in his second solo album one of the most successful songs.

"Currently he is preparing his next Greek album titled "Steel and Rust".

He composed music for a short film by the Irish director Joseph Fuller that was awarded at the New York International Film Festival.

He performed his musical compositions on the Irish Poet Seamus O Kelly in the Mansion house in Dublin. "

You can follow Iordanis on his website: or you can subscribe to his YouTube Channel:

All the information and images of his albums are taken from:

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