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Create Networking Day (Day one)

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

9th December 2020

Networking is essential for artists to build relationships with each other and also curators, galleries, creative managers and art organisations. This year, Create partnered with Heart of Glass, Creative places Tuam and Uillinn: West Cork Arts Center and held its Networking Day online through Zoom. There were over 140 participants from Ireland and the Uk. Their aim is mostly to focus on collaborations and socially engaged arts practices. This year, current socio-cultural disruptions and effects of the pandemic on inequalities and political fault -lines were considered for a broader critical reflection.

Alibhe Murphy, director at Create was the moderator and opening was by Maurren Kennelly (director of the Arts Council).

Moderated by Chrissie Tiller (creative consultant and practitioner) with Jijo Sebastian Palatty (Freelance Filmmaker), Fiona Whelam (Artist, writer and lecturer), Alexis Maxwell (Interdisciplinary Artist) and Gemma Nash (Artist) discussed "what forms of cultural solidarity, practices of (self)care and creative interdependence are needed to see us through and beyond the current crisis." [1]

At the end Dr. Glenn Loughran "reflects on the Implications and possibilities of technology for socially engaged arts practices." [2] He also shared a video on his current project 'What is an Island 3'. (The Digital Archipelago). Visit at:

It has become obvious to all those who seriously consider the stakes of what is now commonly called “the transition”, that this will necessarily constitute the invention of a new art of living, articulated with a new collective intelligence, requiring new forms of learning, and which articulates various forms of territories, localities and networks. Stiegler. B. (2020) Archipelago 0f the living. [2]

In between we had an interactive session to share, connect and meet other participants. I met amazing artists and had a chance to get to know them. We talked about our practice, what have read, our collaborations, resources and our gaols. I add some of them below:


A Restless Art ,

How participation won, and why it matters

By François Matarasso

Free to download.

Making it in The Art World

New Approaches to Galleries, Shows, and Raising Money

By Brainard Carey


Poetry Unbound


The White Pube:

In Funding Library section you can find about successful funding application, submit your successful application and a podcast that talk about everything you need to know about funding. Check it out in the link below:

"Pirate Care is a research process - primarily based in the transnational European space - that maps the increasingly present forms of activism at the intersection of “care” and “piracy”, which in new and interesting ways are trying to intervene in one of the most important challenges of our time, that is, the ‘crisis of care’ in all its multiple and interconnected dimensions."

"The programme targets change-makers, educators, activists, artists, community workers, adult educators, youth workers, volunteers and anyone who is interested how creative engagement can nurture global citizenship and empathic action around local and global justice themes."

Visit artist website that I connected with today:

Emily Gee: Moderator (Producer Heart of Glass),

Niamh Gibbons (Visual Artist)

Sean O'Brien (Illustrator) ,

Valerie Foley (Painter) ,

Alexis Maxwell (Interdisciplinary Artist) ,

Justine Foster (Program Manager) ,

Caroline Schofield (Artist) ,

Mary Sullivan (Visual and Performance artist)

Rhona NicDhòghnaill, (Artist)

Olivia Hope, (Artist)




Create Networking Day 2019 - Cork

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