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create Networking Day

Create Networking Day

Create’s Networking Day 2020 seeks to take stock of collaborative and socially engaged arts practice in a year unlike any other. The Networking Day brings together artists and community and cultural practitioners to share practice and to exchange in the context of the unique challenges this year has presented for individual practitioners, collectives and for the arts sector more generally.

Luan Gallery Athlone

LUAN Gallery, Art Fair

2nd December 2020- 16th January 2021
Visit Luan Gallery's fantastic showcase of works by over 90 Midland artists.
Browse over 250 works of painting, print, photography, 
encaustics, Textile, multi-media, ceramics, sculpture, and Jewellery Online at

2020 ARTFEM Women Artists International

2020 ARTFEM Women Artists International Biennial of Macau

2020 ARTFEM Women Artists International Biennial of Macau will kick off with an Opening Ceremony on September 30th, 2020 (Wednesday) at 6:30 pm at Albergue SCM and this year’s edition covers the theme of Natura, the Latin word for nature. ARTFEM 2020 is organized by Albergue SCM and sponsored by Macau Foundation and varies parties.  

Angelica network

Angelica 2020

An Ireland-wide network which amplifies the voices of women and non-binary artists of minority cultural and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Angelica is a wildflower: A global nomad of temperate areas - including Ireland - and believed to have originated in Syria, it is a much-mythologised plant. Angelica is widely understood as an agent which promotes support and deeper meaning, one which eradicates apathy and surface-level perspectives.

Field Notes II documents the second Summ

Summer School on Cultural Diversity and Collaborative Practice, Publication 2020


Field Notes II documents the second Summer School on Cultural Diversity and Collaborative Practice, held in July 2019.

The Summer School brought together artists, activists, and thinkers for a five day residential, devised by Create and Counterpoints Arts. This publication features writings from Summer School participants and facilitators, as well as from Dr Ailbhe Murphy, director of Create and Dr Áine O’Brien, co-director of Counterpoints Arts, who frame the publication in light of the significant challenges to collaborative, socially engaged art presented by Covid 19.


Simorgh_Nasrin Golden

"By Nature"

8th September
Namibian Arts Association


NAA board Member, Andrea Behnsen Informed us due to the difficulty of restriction the artwork didn't arrived at the Gallery. It is very unfortunate. I worked with the Persian Mythology theme and it connection to the nature.

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